Recreational riding on the slopes is a relaxing experience. It is beautiful to be close to nature, you are only by yourself, your horses, and the moody sounds of nature around you. The path is becoming more peaceful the longer you ride, and the longer you ride it you are further from the reality of everyday life.
The instructor will give you brief instructions, regardless of your previous experience (no need for any experience) and when you become familiar with your horse and feel comfortable, you are ready to explore our trip to Konavle with our guide. The lessons were proved to be fun and educational. You will learn a lot about your horse, about yourself, about nature around you and about life. Our horses are well-trained and have speed, agility and balance.

ATV Safari is designed as a modern adventure trip to explore the local nature (safe, but at the same time very exciting). Safari starts with Kojan Koral where the instructor gives complete instructions on how to get yourself familiar with the ATV, its features and security alerts. After the instructions go to the path through the olive groves, the pine forests, the rocky coast and the village of Čilipi. Several times we go through the river Ljuta. This excursion is perfect for people looking for a bit of adrenaline accompanied by beautiful natural scenes.

Our famous Karaman Malvasia of Dubrovnik is the winner of the World of Malvasia competition and a prestigious Champion of the World with 92.25 points.
You will be a dear friend in our wine room, where we will tell you the documented stories from the first book about Malvasia in Croatia while you will be sipping the Malvasia wine as sweet as nectar. The book tells about the history of the wine and dates it to 1383 and times of Dubrovnik Republic. Our Malvasia is like a fairy poured into the inconceivable wine essence.
Rewards and market affirmations owner and oenologist Niko Karaman Malvasia gave a serious reputation and value of wine because it did not fall into the average grain.
Awards and market affirmations are the proof of the oenologist and owner Niko Karaman giving Malvasia wine a renowned status and value since it has not drowned in the mediocre.
We will walk together through the vineyard; it is the very first spot where we start making our wine. Visit us and feel the overwhelming fragrances and taste of the South. Our wines tell our story. https://www.malvasija-karaman.com/

  • Konavle excursion (2-6 osoba)Call

    Recreational riding, ATV Safari or wine tasting in Karaman vinerie. The choice is yours. Visit the beutiful place of Konavle and allow our guide/driver to share his knowledge about the local history, tradition and gastronomy.

Negotiate excursions at least 24h in advance!

Bring some water, camera and plenty of positive energy 🙂

Sporty  (recreational riding and ATV Safari)

Pickup at your home address within the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Food and drinks.
Recreational riding
ATV Safari